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We are well-versed in a variety of computer operating systems, networks, and technologies. Established in 1989, we work with just about any customer sincerely looking for Help with today's Technology. We use this expertise in conjunction with proven tech tools, then add careful notes to create lasting and usable solutions. 

We're strong in Hardware AND in People Support! 


Upgrading? We can build your ideal iNTEL based custom server or desktop PC.


Depth of Knowledge at No Extra Charge.

Do you or your staff try to maintain your systems, getting pulled away to perform other critical business tasks? Many companies find that by outsourcing your hardware and tech support to us, you get much better results and your staff can focus on business

and not time consuming computr maintenance. 


Support when you need IT!


Service and Support since 1989

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For solid, reliable computer consulting excellence you need a company 

that is Accurate, Available, and Accessible to you and your staff. 

Our experience and proven computing  tools and solutions are ready 

and waiting  for you.  How can we optimize your

computing experience?

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